Learn Bulgarian as a Foreign Language

Learn Bulgarian as a Foreign Language 

To Learn Bulgarian by the method of Suggestopedia can be as easy as a child’s play. Suggestopedic courses in Bulgarian are a chance for you to discover new opportunities for foreign language acquisition. Studying brings joy and smiles, a taste of dreams, and inspiration.

About 2,500 lexical units (basic vocabulary and grammar) are presented in the Bulgarian language Suggestopedic course. The new language reaches you through a fascinating global story, presented in a specially developed Suggestopedic book in Bulgarian with English translation.

Learning Bulgarian in context provides much greater opportunities for easy memorization. Emotional and sensory connection with the foreign language through music, singing, role-playing games, and visual presentation of grammar in picture boards is a key moment for activating our long-term memory. Speaking Bulgarian occurs much faster because students spontaneously start using whole phrases and sentences. The phrases given, serve as useful paradigms that enable the students to easily compose sentences of their own.

Unique Bulgarian method

Suggestopedia is a unique Bulgarian method of studying based on the reserve of the human mind, created by Prof. Dr. George Lozanov more than 50 years ago. See more…


The benefits of the Bulgarian language Suggestopedic courses are:

  • Three to five times more material covered (compared to other traditional methods).
  • Learning in context – from global to partial like in a real-life experience. The individual elements (vocabulary and grammar) are woven into a global story, through which knowledge is passed on.
  • Without tension, fatigue, or homework. 
  • Relaxed and joyful atmosphere. Learning through emotional involvement. 
  • Start speaking spontaneously through interactive games and songs.  
  • Small groups of 5 to 10 people.