1. Why are the Bulgarian language courses for beginners so intensive?

Intensity, especially in the initial stages, is very important for the accumulation of vocabulary and immersion in the language. The daily activation of the acquired knowledge and its systematic upgrading is of key importance for the effectiveness of the course. Following the teacher’s recommendations for reading the lessons in the morning and the evening, combined with regular visits and active involvement in various interactive activities is a guarantee of an impressive result, which is achieved in 3 to 6 months in the traditional forms of foreign language learning.

2. Will I be able to speak Bulgarian in five weeks and what are the main language competencies that are developed?

Speaking takes place almost without exception among the participants in the initial training. After the fifth week, they can talk about major areas of life such as family, time, nature, professions, and interests. They can describe people and places, and ask relevant questions. Reading is achieved by everyone, and the understanding of the Bulgarian language increases significantly depending on the topic of conversation.

3. Why is singing part of the course?

Singing is important because it is the most direct path to the right connection with the melody of the language, and hence with pronunciation. We do not aim to manifest and develop vocal abilities, although it is quite possible for this to happen. The aim is to arrive at correct articulation in the easiest way. In addition, songs help quickly and spontaneously memorize whole phrases that can be applied in communication. You may not sing if you like, you can just follow the lyrics and read while others sing.

4. If I have some knowledge of Bulgarian, how to find out what my level is?

You will be invited to a meeting with our teacher. In this conversation, it will become clear what the most appropriate course to develop your language skills is. Even if you are directed to a beginner’s course, this does not mean that you will repeat what you have already learned. The approach in suggestopedia is from the global to the partial and differences in the levels are not as important as in other language courses. The global picture in which the lessons are developed is close to the living language, and it will certainly be a useful enough source of knowledge for you.

5. I can only attend evening classes, but I wonder if my studying will be effective until so late almost every day?

The atmosphere in which a suggestopedic course is held is very close to that of a friendly meeting, where we gather not to study but to share, sing and play, only we do it in a foreign language. Therefore, the course after work has the effect of relaxation, and our students feel recharged after classes. The environment, which feels like a cozy and beautiful home, rather than a study, also contributes to this effect.