The unique Bulgarian method of studying

Suggestopedia comes as the fruit of years of work, studies, and observations of Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, brain physiologist, and educator.

More than 50 years ago Prof. Dr. Lozanov began research on the potential of the individual and its accelerated and harmonious development.

The psychological means used in the methodology are directly related to the first three laws of Suggestopedia

Laws of Suggestopedia:

  1. Love
  2. Freedom
  3. Certitude of the teacher that something extraordinary is taking place.
  4. The didactic means apply to the other laws of Suggestopedia:
  5. Manifold increased material. (3 to 5 times larger compared to traditional education)
  6. Global – Partial, Partial – Global. 
  7. The Golden Ratio is the principle underlying the entire organization of the learning process.
  8. Application of classical art and aesthetics.

Typical of Suggestopedia is the soft, delicate behavior of the teacher, who seeks to remove internal blocks, the so-called mental barriers, and predispose their students to the speech skills.

Artistic introduction, concert sessions, elaboration, and performance are all stages of the Suggestopedic studying.  In the heart of the methodology are the active and passive concert sessions where the lessons are read in a specific way on the background of specially selected classical music.