Suggestopedic Teacher in Bulgarian for Foreigners

Violeta Kalapova
Violeta Kalapova
Bulgarian for Foreigners,
t: +359887860981

Violeta Kalapova
Opening the door to a new language is magic. Opening the door to Bulgarian is a mission for me. Every new meeting with the people who discover Bulgaria and want to find its treasures – language, history, and traditions is a revelation for me. That’s why for the past four years I’ve been teaching Bulgarian as a foreign language with Suggestopedia.
I graduated in Journalism and Mass Communication from Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski. My career as a journalist started as a radio reporter and a host. I worked as an editor for online media and magazines for more than 10 years.

Since 2016

I have conducted about 30 Bulgarian language courses, in both intensive and club forms in different Suggestopedic Centres in Sofia. Participants were people from more than ten countries. Most of them started their training at the Beginner level with English as a support language. The results were encouraging and I found a lot of inspiration to prepare my classes every time in a unique way following the unique destiny of my students, who found Bulgaria for their second homeland.

Additionally, I am a professional tourist guide and Consul of Speak Bulgarian Group at InterNations Sofia.

Violeta is a certified suggestopedagogue (Certificate No. 356/2015) with „Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina Gateva” Foundation since 2015.