Ms. Joy and Ms. Claire are sitting in the living room enjoying their afternoon tea.

‘Claire, Ms. Kate is coming back next Saturday from her summer holiday. Shall we throw a welcome party?’
says Joy with a mischievous grin.

‘Such a splendid idea! And how about inviting all our friends and having an end-of-season party with fruit cocktails and exotic treats!’ replies Claire.

‘Oh, I absolutely agree! And would you mind me inviting those mambo dancers from the Latino club next street?’ exclaims Joy.

‘Well, I am not sure about that. We`d better organize karaoke evening.’
This time Claire sounds a bit taken aback.

What do you think will happen next?

Мис Джои и мис Клер седят във всекидневната и се наслаждават на следобедния си чай.

Клер, мис Кейт се връща следващата събота от лятната си почивка. Да организираме ли парти за добре дошла?- казва Джой с дяволита усмивчица.

Каква прекрасна идея! А какво ще кажеш да поканим всички наши приятели и да си направим парти за края на летния сезон с плодови коктейли и екзотични почерпки? – отговaря Клер.

О, напълно съм съгласна! А имаш ли нещо против да поканя онези мамбо танцьори от латино клуба на съседната улица?- възкликва Джой.

Ами, не съм много сигурна. По-добре да организираме караоке вечер.
Този път Крер звучи малко стресната.

Какво мислите ще се случи след това?

Useful phrases:

Shall we + inf. verb
How about + verb + ing.
Would you mind me + verb + ing.
We would (‘d) better + inf. verb.

Useful expressions:

To throw a party
Such a splendid idea
I absolutely agree!
I am not sure about it!

Dear friends, considering our upcoming party, would you be so kind and answer the following questions and email your answers to One of your answers will win a prize in a draw on Wednesday, 28 August!

· On what occasions do people in your country have celebrations and throw parties?
· When do parties often start and finish?
· Where are the parties usually thrown?
· What do you usually wear when you go to a party?
· What do people do in the parties you have attended?
· Is it typical for people to bring anything to the party?
· Why do people, especially the youth, love going to parties?

Thank you.

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